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Tower of Babel--Genesis 11:1-9 Ziggurat—made of brick, not stone, made of kiln-fired brick, stone was not in the area, and would have been expensive to import.   A ziggurat…more than thirty identifiable ziggurats in the area…northern Mesopotamia…..at the approximate location of Babylon.   Four Things about Ziggurats 1. They looked like pyramids but were nothing like pyramids…..no inside cavities in a ziggurat…..the structure was brick structure, and then filled with dirt….and the outside was made of kiln-fired brick.  2. Ziggurats were monuments for deities, a deity might have several ziggurats dedicated to it, and a city might have several ziggurats, but only the main ziggurat dedicated to the patron deity of the city.   3. Archaeologists have discovered over 30 ziggurats in this area and literature mentions many others.  They had a main ramp up to the top.  At the top there was a room constructed.  In the room there was a bed and a table for the deity.  The ziggurats range in size from 60 feet per side to 200 feet per side.   4. The ziggurat had no practical function.  It was not used for worship, it was not a temple, it was just a sacred space.  Common people had no use for a ziggurat.  

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

January 12, 2020 - PM Service

Andy Cashwell


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