Sunday School

Sunday School is our foundational strategy for ministry, discipleship, and evangelism.  Everyone from birth to senior adults can find a place to study the Bible and assimilate into a nurturing environment.  Join one of these classes at 9:45 every Sunday morning.

Babies 0-1 Year Olds
Teachers: Danna Cashwell, Shirley Gordon, Michelle Hampton

1-2 Year Olds
Teachers: Rachael Register, Amanda Walden

3-4 Year Olds
Teachers: Teri Lynn Powers, Mallory Johnson

Teachers: Nancy Fitch, Heather Stinson


1st & 2nd Grades
Teachers: Jenny Sauls, Rebecca Hopper

3rd & 4th Grades
Teachers: Ed Walden, Susie Walden

5th & 6th Grade Boys
Teachers: Justin Thompson, Courtney Azar

5th & 6th Grade Girls
Teachers: Regina Campbell

7th-9th Grade Boys

7th-9th Grade Girls
Dianna Cooper

10th-12th Grade Boys
Mark Campbell

10th-12th Grade Girls
Rebecca Hardy

Adults — Up to 32 Year Olds
Astin Roberts, Jarrod Roberts

Adults — 33-40 Years Olds
Ted Sauls, Lee Davis – ON FACEBOOK

Adults — 41-60
Chuck Repass

Adults  — 55 & Up

Adults — 61 & Up
Tom Boggs

Adults — Ladies 60 & Up
Cora Jean Taylor

Adults — Men 60 & Up
Ronald Norman

Adults — Women’s SASS Class
Sherice White

Adults — Special Needs Class
Fran Jacobs, Linda Jackson